I got Diesel !!


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Jun 24, 2008
Yeahhhhh!!!!...at last, my patience has paid off :21: Ordered him this morning, just so long as there are no slip ups in delivery! :54:

Ah someone else who's excited as i am about Today's shows? I can't wait to see all the new bears and have 3 on order allready! Its becoming an addiction :)
Apologies... :22: In my excitement I forgot to add ~ Charlie Bear~ :32:

To own him is to love him! :7:

I'm really pleased you went for it, I've just buckled under and bought Alice
http://charliebearsuk.com/Charlie-Bears-Spring-2009/Alice-Charlie-Bear-by-Isabelle-Lee.html to go with William (William and Alice were the names of my late grandparents, and I know it's daft, but I thought it was nice to have them together again, soft thing that I am). It's especially nice as Alice is a ginger bear, and my grandma had red hair too.

Am glad you got Diesel and hope he arrives safely :)
I'm so glad you finally got your paws on Diesel, Daydreamer! You must tell us what you think of him when he arrives. :1:
I will let you know perdita :32:..can't wait now..and can't believe I first ordered him on 2nd Feb as waitlist :52:..only for qvc to cancel the order 2 weeks ago!!! :12: Have his place all ready for him when he arrives. :10:

daydreamer has he arrived yet? I have to admit to ordering him for my daughter's birthday and he came today. He is totally gorgeous, the face is one of the nicest I've seen on any bear and I'm sure he won't be the last Charlie Bear in the house. Let us know what you think of yours. :spider:
He's just arrived and what a delightful handsome bear. You're right BC, his facial expression is absoluely gorgeous - he's just asking to be cuddled isn't he?

Feel this could be the start of something big................:happy:
Diesel arrived at my house today, too. He's sitting on my desk right next to the keyboard. What a HANDSOME bear! I just can't stop cuddling him.

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