Gossip Watch TSV -Fri 18 Dec - any ideas anyone?


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Jun 26, 2008
I received a QVC parcel this am and on the enclosed TV Guide i noticed there is a Gossip TSV on Fri 18 Dec - has anyone any idea of what the watch will be like,cost etc. I am hoping they have the ceramic bracelet watch from last year as a christmas surprise(its still available in red and black) on the day - i would like a black one and on 4 easi pays please QVC!!
i like this watch but its finally died on me...hate buying things that as you get used to them they fall apart so i would like one that looks as good but with more longevity..
The purple one looks nice but I already have two purple watches so I don't think I can justify buying another one.
Gossip Set of 3 Crystal Bezel Snake Skin Effect Watches
Item Number: 696674
QVC Price £23.75
Today's Special Value Price £19.78
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.45

Tell the time in dazzling style with this trio of crystal-embellished Gossip watches. Each watch is presented in its own box, so the set can be divided to make ideal gifts for the festive season and beyond. All three boast silver-tone faces with crystal-set bezels and colourful snakeskin effect straps with leather lining. The first watch has a heart-shaped dial and hot pink strap, the second timepiece boasts a tonneau dial with a black and white strap, while the third has an oval dial with a deep purple strap. All measure about 25cm (9.8") in length.

Thanks SCW just ordered them for my daughter - hope they come in time for Xmas as we have lots of snow here at the moment. :mysmilie_687:
I have also ordered a set-one for my DD and the other 2 for my god-daughters,they will love them. Heavy snow here too,and my usual courier told me today he is off now until 4th Jan so may nt get them in time,as any replacements don't seem to bother to knock grrr.
Arrrggghhhhhhh. You are not helping; I'm meant to be a FART but I succumbed...I bought my first tsv since May.

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