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Jul 11, 2008
I've been buying from GTV for the last 3 years. Up until recently they have indeed offered a first class service.
However, all seems to have recently changed and their customer service has really gone down the pan.
One item I purchased had a photo of a completely different item shown on the website; the size of the gem was also in the specifications twice the size of the one I purchased. Dealing "Dawn" the customer services manager, she refused to take my calls and has ignored my last two emails. Sneakily she arranged for the photo on the web site to be changed to the one I'd been sent without telling me she'd done this. I still have no answer to why my gemstone has shrunk!
I thought that might just be a one off- but alas no!
As we know GTV have recently switched couriers; not a good move. I purchased items last Saturday with a promise of a Wednesday delivery; alas "no show" on Wednesday or Thursday, or Friday... As I leave for a holiday and cannot return the goods within 10 days from whenever they are eventually delivered I asked the "helpful" customer services if they could extend my return period, particularly as they were the ones who are late with the delivery; "It is not possible" "we will give you a refund" came the reply.

I remember in their early days if am item wasn't delivered on time they were full of apologies and gave you compensation vouchers. Consequently I sang their praises and was sure to mention to people this fantastic company. Sadly times seemed to have changed.:(

Does anyone else have similar tales, or have I just had a run of bad luck with them?


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