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Jun 24, 2008
Andrew please stop saying literally you are getting as bad as Alison Young!
I noticed this a few weeks ago. It is SO annoying. The beautician he has with him is also at it now!

"I just literally put this onto two cotton pads and then just literally applied them to the eye"

"It's literally three month's supply"

"You only need to literally use half a pump"

You don't need the word, it's totally the wrong context!

It's enough to make me literally switch off.
Has anyone noticed how the beautician literally cannot remove Amicas eye liner without a lot of wiping and sometimes even then it leaves some behind. In never just desolves it like it does the mascara. It never removes my Diorshow mascara very well either. Mind you, its a rubbish mascara :2:.

Floracil literally doesn't work, unless you only have a merest suggestion of eyemakeup. Mine went back to QVC. Literally!
The ones I have came in collections but you are so right, its no good at all for anything more than the lightest of makeup. I would never buy it as a seperate item. Anyone got a recommendation for a good remover?

Bet, I always use cream based ones as I find they are much better for the delicate skin around the eyes. Have also found that Olay eye make-up remover cream is as good as any and costs about £3.50.
I use Simple eye make-up remover, it's fab, even gets waterproof mascara off. Floracil made my eyes sting :31:
I found the same with Floracil Loops. Also made my eyes bloodshot which isn't perhaps the look one is going for...
Thanks very much for the tips ladies. Will have a look in Boots when I venture into town tomorrow (its going to be mad isnt it!!!!) Again, I forgot to look at the great stuff that available on the high street. Got a bit brainwashed back there that only 'prestige brands' would stop me looking like an old hag :2:.

If you really want to be cheap:3: Small amount of olive oil on a cotton pad will shift all eyemakeup and waterproof mascara too.:45: Even cleansing the face it works wonders too. Massage small amount onto face then rinse well with warm water and then final rinse with cold. :22: Your skin will be left soft and not greasy at all.
I have to disagree - I absolutely love floracil - and have no problem removing my eye make-up - even my mascara which I put 4 coats of on each morning - you cannot say that is light!!! You have to put one pump onto a cotton pad and then press and hold against your eye for 20-30 seconds or so and it simply disolves it. It will however not work on waterproof mascara but I have stopped using this as I think it is not good for my wrinkles to have to scrub hard to get it off.

The best remover I have found for waterproof mascara is the boots no 7 which is in a bottle and is blue at the bottom and clear on the top and you have to shake to mix them together. This would remove anything. It is quite cheap and I used to stock up when they were 3 for 2 or else when I had one of the boots vouchers for £5 off no7 which they regularly give out for purchases over £10.

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