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I really hope Mrs Brampton wins, I really like the look of her designs. I love faberge and this could be the closest I get, lol.
Yes, I like hers, too. I was thinking of entering but didn't get round to it... I reckon I could have done as well as some of them, but NOT as well as Mrs Natalia. Good luck to her!
I have voted for Lisa Pearson..

I love her necklace design... so unusual the way it wraps around..I would def buy it if it was in 18 carat gold...not sure about it in silver tho!

the other thing that made me vote for her is, she came over extremely well onscreen very genuine .. well done Lisa!!

Good Luck from all of us here! :60: x x x
thanks to all who replied . i decided to go with mrs Morris i just loved the look of the earrings and pendant shown.
I went for the male contestant, can't remember his name. Personally though i didn't think alot of the contestants designs were overly original.

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