Fed up with Maker Mends R&C service


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Jan 7, 2009
I am not sure if anyone else has had the same problems with the Rocks & Co service at Maker Mends, but I am starting to get fed up now.

The problem seems to be when ever you send 2 rings in one parcel. The first package I sent with 2 rings came back as 2 K's when one should have been an M. This has now been sent back to be re-sized to an M which I am not particularly happy about as this means a brand new ring has been sized down and then up!

The next parcel with 2 rings arrived back yesterday with one ring re-sized and the other not even touched, even though the money has been take for 2 rings. I doubt very much that this is because one could not be altered and if that was the case, I would expect to be told this. This means that I am now going to have to contact them again to ask for this to be re-sized. Whilst the work they do is very good quality their administration leaves a lot to be desired. The last thing I want when I buy a ring is to have to wait over 1 month in total before I can even ware it, just because of the incompetency on Maker Mends part.

Come on Rocks & Co, give them a kick up the bum as it is a bad reflection on yourselves with it being your arranged service.

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