Debbie Flint returning?


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Jul 8, 2008
I have it on good authority (although I will never divulge my sources:angel::tongue2:) that Debbie Flint may soon be returning to QVC:flower:
I liked debbie flint back in the day but how will she fit in with this lot of presenters
Debbie returning to QVC can only be a positive move. She could sure show some of the younger hosts how a presenter does their job! Somehow, I can't see QVC taking her back, which will be a shame.

Still, who knows?
I've read on here more than once that QVC don't give second chances but it would be nice if it were true. Maybe times are harder than we think and QVC need tried and tested sales people with a big fan base.

She would give JR a run for her money.
Debbie Flint is like the death blow to shopping channels for the past years. Everytime they hire her they close down.

Why would they get rid of Jilly Halliday for someone who dumped them years ago?

I want more facts and not just rumours.
IF Debs is coming back i think she would be a breath of fresh air amongst the current presenters! I guess it's all just speculation right now, but why do we think that Debbie would be JH's replacement?? Someone know something we don't?

Graham, do you know anything???
Well you're about the fourth separate person to tell me this so I am tempted to believe that there must be something in it...

(but I am the gullible type! :D)
Well if it is true in due course Graham will get confirmation and it will be posted as a news item on here. :)
Jilly H only seems to work part time these days I noticed the other day she must have been late because Alison y was presenting Yanky candles. I like Jh not fussed on Debbie and nearly every channel shes gone on has shut down.

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