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Jul 9, 2008
Hello girlies, I am a bit new to here but am desperately trying to find out where Claire got a dress from and stumbled across this website and its ace!

She wore a green and white number low cut and sleeveless which had a pink band under the bust whilst doing a Carol Hockman show last month. I phoned customer services who said "its her own we don't know" so i tried email, noone got back to me. Obviously was put in the "too hard to do" box and have never got an answer.:mad:

Did anyone else se it? Or know where she got it from?

Hi Miniminx i can't help you with the dress but hello welcome and we ain't all girlies :D
you could maybe text into one of her next shows and ask her
it might not get read out on air but it could be passed onto her and she might get back to you
Is it going to have to be good old snail mail or do they have email addresses that i cant find?!?! :p
Hi, I have that dress. It was from Next, but I'm afraid it was from last year's summer collection. I'm wearing it on Thursday with a white jacket and fushia pink shoes for my son's graduation.
Your a star! Not sure if i should say thanks for answering the question or thanks for telling me you have one and i prob wont be able to get one!!!!!!!!!!:D:D
Please can you let me know what the number is in the label - might be able to get one from somewhere if i have that....

Think i have just found one on eBay!!!!!!!:D

Can you tie the pink bow at the front? And its sort of round green flowers?
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this is the Next one..
Hmm I have a problem..! Apparently on this Next dress ive got my eye on you cant undo the ribbon and tie it behind so to make it look like the one Claire Sutton was wearing, apparently its sewn in internally...?!

Are we def sure its the right one?!?!?! :eek:

Ta X
Have emithered her anyway and hopefully she might get back to me before xmas! If not ill try get this Next one and like you say, get it "Gok"ed!
Minimix, HURRY HURRY HURRY. There's one on ebay. Size 12. Item no 380043124454.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
I would sugggest you contact the seller if this is not your size. The seller runs a Next Directory sale shop. I'm sure they would be able to get one from somewhere.

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