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Jan 4, 2009
West Midlands
Did anyone see this today? I'm sure the presenter was on QVC for a short while a few years ago. He's Scottish and in the credits they gave his name as Angus Purden but I seem to remember him as John? :6:
Unfortunately I remember him. I say unfortunately because I saw him on the day he wore a kilt (for some reason that escapes me). He sat down between 2 female presenters on a rather low sofa and showed the world his white briefs!!:26: He seemed to disappear rather soon after that.
He presents local TV shows up here in Scotland. Probably best known for various do-it-yourself shows and Scottish postcode lottery programmes. Not really my cup of tea to be honest.
I also remember him saying he met customers at the jewellery show, who complained about the bracelets by saying " must give us 8 inches"
Forgot to mention in my previous post, but he used to do a diy programme with builder Dave Wellman.
If you saw a picture of both Angus and Gary, they do look slightly different.
He's the one on the left.

<a href=" purdon/perthfm/Postcode Lottery Belter Party/SANY0366.jpg?o=1" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>​
QVC should have hung on to him, imo he's much better (in the looks department):) than all the man folk who appear on the channel.
I wouldn't say no to his 8 inches :4:
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