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Sep 12, 2008
Hi Guys

I am wondering if anyone can help me, I am looking for a Phone Number (or email address) for someone in Customer Service at Ideal World in the UK.

Way back in May, I ordered £140 worth of 21st Century Corsetry as a present for my mum. She is terrible with underwear and really fancied some of the vesty things they had for sale, so for her 65th birthday, I treated her to some bits and bobs. Expensive gift, not the norm, but mum was thrilled, picked what she liked and I ordered.

Anyway, the items never arrived... and after 10 or so days I contacted CS and spoke to someone in India. Eventually, they managed to send me the Parcelne tracking number and I tracked it online. It was showing on the tracking as "Ready for Collection". So I called Parcelnet and they had no record of the parcel, no record that it had even been sent by IW.

I contacted IW again and told them this and they said they would send me a form to complete to say I hadn't rec'd the order. The orange form came, I completed it and sent it back... and nothing. I heard nothing, no refund, nothing.

I chased by email again, nothing... months later I am still waiting. I have been told twice now that they did not receive my returned form and they would send me another but I have never rec'd another form. The last email I got just said "this matter has already been dealt with by he Customer Service team" IT HASN'T!

Anyway, if that's not all bad enough, to try and appease my mum, I ordered some Emelia underwear (just £30 worth this time!) to be going on with. This time it actually arrived (yay!). I'd ordered the size M as my mum is a size 14 and Loen said she was wearing the size L and was a size 16, plus the measurements of the M all matched to my mum perfectly.

However... when the items arrived, the cami/vests were so tight *I* couldn't even get them on (and I'm a size 10!) and the matching knickers were so loose they almost fell down (these are supposed to be shape wear!). So I packed them all up the same day they arrived and sent them straight back (1st class post - proof of posting certificate from PO).

Two weeks later... I chased the refund and got this message from CS:-

"With reference to your order OWXXXXX5 placed on 22/08/2008 for 130179 X 2 Cami & 2x Briefs with Bonus Organza Bag. We currently do not have a record of this item being booked in to our Returns Department so are unable to arrange a refund or replacement for you at this time."

Soo.... now...I am £150 down, have determined that IW do not refund when an order is not delivered (when the tracking confirms this AND the customer completes a form) and also do not refund under their 30 days guarantee!

So... if anyone has contact details for someone in the UK, that would be great. Either a phone number or an email address, I might be actually able to talk to someone who can help me.

I know I keep saying it but contact the Advertising Standards Agency and get them involved. The more complaints they get about IW doing this the better ( the same for QVC sending out returned goods as well imo)


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