Aveda Coming Back To QVC


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Jun 24, 2008
I was chatting with friends who work in Debenhams today. Aveda is leaving Debenhams department stores, I had heard this a while back. But was told today Aveda are returning to QVC!!!

When Estee Lauder bought the brand they pulled it from QVC.

It will still be available in House of Fraser, for anyone who has Aveda loyality card.
Wonder if it will be as popular nowadays due to all the other brands QVC seem to stock?

I always loved the Blue Malva so may decide to return to it.
I also use blue malva but buy it on line or from Fenwick in Newcastle.
I used to like watching Aveda being demonstrated on QVC to see how to use different products.
As EL own Aveda and that's returning to QVC I wonder if a Bobbi Brown TSV will be far behind. Maybe they will see how sales go on Aveda's return. Here's hoping.
Great news. I love Aveda. I bought my last 1 litre size of Blue Malva online. I used to like the Sap Moss which was great on dry coloured hair. I've recently stocked up with Ojon though which is my current favourite.
That would be fab - I loved the sap moss as it was great on my dry,curly hair. I was gutted when they stopped making it especially when my hair grew back even curlier after chemotherapy and I so wanted it ! I'm using the Be Curly and that's ok but not as good. Hope they'll bring a reasonable range back and then I can try a couple of others under the 30 mbg.....Probably get 'the' letter then !!
Oh I do hope so, I want another Aveda paddle brush. thmbs up
I loved Aveda especially the scent of the shampoos, recently discovered it was the cause of my itchy back:(
oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh goody gum drops as this morning i opened a huge size of MOP shine c''p something & i looked liked knitted straw,,,, hubbys words....i did think PLEASE what has happened to my lovely aveda.............thanks for the info
Great news - DH uses shampure and blue malva and I use sheer abundance (don't think it was around when Aveda were regularly on QVC but it's for fine hair and I prefer it to Ojon) - let's hope we get a TSV if that's not being too greedy!
Oh! how interesting! i knew they would suffer, what a stupid decision to stop selling at qvc! I wonder when? I do love ojon but i will buy the tsvs if they do them similar to before as its much cheaper than ojon so i will use the shampoo and conditioner of aveda and the treatment and spray of ojon!

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