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Jan 2, 2009
Can anyone tell me how long it takes QVC to process a refund? I posted it out today. I've never returned anything before, mainly coz I don't buy much from them! :1:
i returned a ring last wednesday and the refund is showing in my bank account today.

i'm delighted as its the first item i've ever returned.

I usually sell things on ebay if i dont like them.
I find a refund is quicker if I have returned an item by Recorded Delivery.

That is very true KayDee. I always return mine via recorded delivery and then I check on the Royal mail website to see if it has been recieved also
i've always just sent them 2nd class post and have found it mighty cheaper than it cost them to send it to me :rolleyes:

I noticed that Mrs J. I suppose they've got packaging to factor in ,but my last successful purchase was a set of Smashbox travel makeup brushes. It was packed in a comparatively HUGE box when a jiffy bag would have done nicely!
I have just returned something to QVC and it cost me 95p second class but it cost £3.45from them. I am still waiting for it to show up on my account as returned. Its been a week and nothing as yet.
My second part of an ojon AD has not arrived. They say it shipped on 27.02.2009. I rang on day 8 and am double miffed that they send the declaration form 2nd class. I have a funny feeling that it was never sent. the entry on my account does not look right.

It will be weeks before this is sorted and I really wanted it!
I hope it turns up soon Snuffles. I hate it when you're looking forward to something and .......... nothing happens!

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