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Jun 24, 2008
I have started a new thread instead of putting this in my existing thread but I feel TJC deserve this apology to be seen!

I was cursing them because a refund I was due and had been told had been processed never reached my card. I sent another stroppy email complaining strongly only to find that the refund had in fact come back on my card but I was checking the wrong card!!!! I normally use my Maestro card but you may remember there has been a problem with Maestro Cards on the website so I used a Visa instead. Like an idiot I have been looking for the refund on my Maestro when it had been paid back to my Visa!

Obviously the memory is going and old age is coming but I would like to say TJC I am very sorry, very silly and very embarassed!
Now THAT is something I would do!
Don't worry about it love.
You've made a point of saying sorry, publicly. Now get spending your refund!
Oooops :D

All I wanted to put was that, but a little box kept telling me that my message was too short, so now I have to write an essay!
Hooray........ it's not only me who does daft things!!!!!!!!!!

Oh that's good Calico not just me then - mind you I'm an expert

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