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      Deasmum posted the thread Squealing and Shouting in Gemporia.
      I was wondering what motivates presenters like Jess to squeal and shout loudly? Do they believe that by doing so they sell more? And do...
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      Deasmum replied to the thread Rachel Hatton.
      I think she has left. She is no longer on the Presenters' list and Stephanie Joseph has been doing her shift. Stephanie said she is now...
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      Deasmum posted the thread Reselling Gemporia in Gemporia.
      Has anyone here tried to resell Gemporia's jewellery? When I look at my pieces and wonder about their value, I think more in terms of...
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      Deasmum replied to the thread Nothing Changes.
      I think it has changed, but for the worse. They are now more repetitive, limited in their variety of gemstones and relying on heavily...
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