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Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
Jun 24, 2008
borderline Cheshire
can you keep a secret ?

Q do you go for your true size or the size you want to be ? :rolleyes:

Is that necessary under a kaftan Mrs J, or are you thinking of moving on to palazzos? Maybe you're just preparing yourself for the effects of Easter choccy and buns and cakes? <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>
Q do you go for your true size or the size you want to be ? :rolleyes:

Imagine buying a small when you're really an XXXXXXXXXX-Large.
You meet the man of your dreams and six-months later (when you've managed to get it off) you enter the boudoir wearing nothing but a smile....
Then again, he could have no teeth and a toupee.
Good greif !!!!! initially I couldnt see the garment and thought you had posted your after pictures following the "procedure " Mrs J
Very fetching. I want one. Do they do them in red?

Shouldn't think so PP. It would clash with your face after wearing it more than five minutes <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>
I wonder how long it takes to get into one of those fetching outfits. It must be another form of exercise to burn off the calories. Sheer torture in beige.
Good God!!!! Not only does that look like the most uncomfortable garment in the world, it's impractical, and ugly!!!! I've nothing against "slimming underwear" per se, and have used it on occassions myself when needing a little extra help to get into that special dress for an evening out...but the one they're showing here...OMG! For a start you couldn't wear it with a short sleeved garment 'cause of the long arms, You'd be sweating like a trucker after about 10 minutes, and you'd almost certainly pee yourself in the struggle to remove it when taking a trip to the ladies room!!!! You'd literally have to remove your entire clothes in order to pull the thing down, and a cramped cubicle hasn't got many places to hang your clothes....and the queue outside will be cursing you whilst they're waiting!!!!!
"Hassle free" gusset opening lol!!!!! Just looked on the website. Anyone remember back in the Eighties the craze for wearing "bodies" the gusset would have three poppers which would always pop open at the most inopertune moment, and you'd be there discreetly fiddling with your crotch area hoping nobody would notice, and even when you were putting them on in the morning, they were nigh on impossible to do up, you'd literally have to yank the gusset up to your navel in order to see what you were doing, and I was stick thin in those days!!!! For a woman of weight.....well it must be three times as hard!!!! I guess you could ask a mate, or your new date to give you a helping hand...but then I guess it wouldn't be "your secret" anymore!!!
:rolleyes: you wish

How do they get Sheler to look so lumpy in the before shots :confused: cos I've seen her practically in the buff and she's not :33:

That's true, MB. She did the Elomi show recently and modelled a bustier that she didn't even fill round the hip area.
lol.....a review for the Emelia slimming all in one with shorts

"The body with shorts, keeps my body in shape, all great, but do I have to undress totally to go to toilet? There is a hole but come on..."

I think the clue is in the position of the trousers crotch. I get really cross with this stuff, I'm so fed up with being treated like a fool. For me this just shows what a low opinion they have of our intelligence. Grrrgh. Too grouchy for a smilie even.


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