Yeah...But What's On NOW?!


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Jan 31, 2009
I am utterly fed-up with Gems TV!

Every time I turn on they are telling me what's coming on at 10pm, what's coming on in the next hour, what's on tomorrow and even what will be coming up 'in a few auctions time' (which generally signifies a good hour away) - just show us what you have on NOW!

I never really find out what item they actually ARE selling as I've lost the will to stay tuned after all the promos...:31:

Mind you, I see they're now selling scarves, kitsch ornaments that look like they came off a fairground stall and octopus brooches so mebbies I'm not missing much anyways....

You certainly are not missing much these days.

It seems to be alot of tat recently (apart from the Meerkat oranament of course) and even if there was something that took my fancy I doubt I would be impressed by the amount of gold that is on it.

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