Yankee Candle TSV 21/11/09


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knowing yankee candles thery will have their mini tsv's that sells out in 6 minutes followed closely by a normal one with stuff i dont really want.
i have started to give up on buying my candles from qvc as the sets dont seem such good value anymore.
we need Christmas smells!!!!!!!!
I hope we dont get a tart burner that just comes out at Christmas...we need candles please!!
I'll not be buying. I have enough tart burners and tarts now having recently ordered from Yankeedoodle (and getting MrM to order so that I have a double set of the new fragrances - I need to burn two tarts at a time in my new burner).

I can't see the tarts picture very well but to me it looks like there are only three of the new fragrances in there. Considering that Yankeedoodle have recently been selling a set of 11 tarts for £9.00 and the preview set of 6 for £5.00 to buy a set of 20 would have cost, from Yankeedoodle, in the region of £17.00 - QVC will charge more than this plus the hefty p&p. x
Bakergirl thinks it is.:thinking2:

Yes I think it is Loveheart.

If you look at the first link picture the burner has feet. In the last link picture it looks like there's a lead coming out of the back of the burner.

Still not buying :angel:
My money is safe. Like lots of others on here, I would rather go to the big retailers who specialise in candles-that way I can choose the fragrances I like and not get stuck with a few rank ones that I end up never using! Not sure about the electric burner, either. Never mind, I am sure lots of people will love it, and I hope they buy it so we can have lots of OTO'S!

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