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Jan 2, 2009
Spotted Marina (I think she presents on Bid Tv). She was singing with two other girls and they were quite good. They got through.
They 3 were good, they had a nice vibe about them.

Did you see Cheryl's bingo wings when she was clapping for them.....made me feel human :) xx
I thought they were brilliant. Their three voices went so well together.

here's hoping they make it to the live shows.
She was also on some other talent type show a while back. It mught have been the search for the eurovision winner....I can't remember. She got turfed out quickly in that one though. She's certainly a tryer!
Wow! Just watched the youtube clip, thanks for posting Anna Key. Marina’s group are really talented, great voices and good looking too, which is very important in the music industry.:wink2:

I agree their rendition of toxic was brilliant. Hope they make it to the live finals, I’ll be voting for them if they do.:clapping:
Has the trio become a duo? There only seemed to be two of them on last nights show.
I'm not sure Sazza, but did they get through? I was only half watching and missed a lot of it.

I am not sure, they got through one bit but not sure about the next bit, might be able to tell in tonights show.
I wonder what happened to the third member, these types of opportunities don't come around every day. I hope her absence didn’t jeopardise the bands chances of getting through to the finals.
The girl missing is the one with the short dark hair who had auditioned before in 2006 but got knocked back at the judges houses by Simon.

Just found this on another forum

They said Gemma was away when boot camp was on, but the producers knew this and she was supposed to join them there later but had the trip from hell and couldn't get there. Said it was all down to logistics not that she'd left the group. She denied any deal in the US.

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