Who is the Rockport Guest Presenter?


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Simon Sims

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Dec 22, 2008
Wtaching the Rockport TSV ands the guest presenter looks familiar.
Wasn't she on The Apprentice a few seasons ago?
Just had a quick Google - she looks like Naomi Lay from Season 3 of The Apprentice.


She said to Jill Franks that she got fired in week 10 for being too polite!! I think she must live/work in Wimbledon because I've seen her a couple of times getting off the train there and shopping in M&S!! Then again she did recently get married and there is a bridal boutique near the station.... just call me Hetty!!
I knew I "knew" her from somewhere !, well done for finding out who she is !, fancy being fired for being "too polite" we would never fire our own Love A'Kin .

If you didn't see the TSV show at midnight (I recorded it and saw it this morning while getting ready for work) Jill Franks asked how she first got involved with Rockport and she said that after The Apprentice she worked for QVC and they introduced her to Rockport and because of her love of shoes and sport they 'hit it off'. I'm not sure if that means she now works for Rockport or still works for QVC and just presents the brand. She also presents some Deerstag products too and I have no idea if they are connected to Rockport.
To me it's not a shock at all that she came to work on QVC.
If I recall in the week she got fired it was the visit to Ideal World with them selling live on air.
I did previously post on here when she was discussed before, youtube clips of the show, she was brilliant selling live on air and Ideal World were said that they would employ her.
As for her to rep for a sports brand selling trainers she also did very well in the branding and promotion of trainers task.

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What are Rockport like? I have dreadful trouble with my feet,have tried the Clarks and M&S shoes for sore feet and neither gave helped at all. I need support but hate wearing ordinary trainers. I need something I can wear to get my chrissy shopping done early as I am going in for another major op on 26th Oct so need to be organised way ahead this year (although I will be t'internet shopping as well I daresay!)

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