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May 19, 2023
Hj everyone, I am new here and am new to TJC beauty and have watched a few shows for the last couple of weeks. This morning confused me. There was a lady presenting, Natalie, it was so incredibly uncomfortable to watch. I believe we should be proud of ourselves and celebrate who we are, but I was embarrassed for her. I felt so uncomfortable I couldn’t watch. Reading out the messages from people saying how amazing she is , and she read word for word, I couldn’t do that I would be embarrassed. (are the messages real?) she kept asking for texts almost pleading for texts… why? Then in one of her strange speeches she kept saying it was her way of giving back. Giving back? Does she donate her time or something or does she work for TJC and getting paid? When she spoke about herself , thanking us all (what was she thanking us for) I felt like it was an Oscar acceptance speech, not a shopping channel presenter. Also the baby talk with a man she was with, again I cringed . Maybe I have this wrong, is she a guest usually? Also, compared to the others I watched she doesn’t look real… so much plastic work and lips she looked odd. I wasn’t sure what I watching. It was frightfully uncomfortable. Is this how the shows normally are ? I’ve come over to beauty from their other channel as I bought a device and loved it
Hello keepingitreal, she is a regular presenter on beauty and I’ve expressed my reservations about her. I think she could be good. I didn’t see the morning show you mentioned but I’m sure I know what you mean. She has a very high opinion of herself with is not pleasant to watch, like you I have cringed several times so had to turn off, the products saves the channel as they are fantastic, I buy from the missed it line as I can’t watch Natalia and Joanne. I’ve emailed asking for them to get more experts to give them credibility. I don’t want to be cruel but Natalias miss- selling is dreadful. Her lips and cheeks are not real no device can do that, which she claims they do. Her hair extensions drives me mad as she doesn’t disclose that before selling hair growing devices. Mind you she hasn’t put them in well this morning, I don’t know why as it looks like she has great hair without them. She needs to be more confident. I think she could be pretty without the lips and hair extensions. Be confident with yourself, love yourself. After all that is what she preaches.

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