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Aug 17, 2008
Hello everyone!

I found speed auction on my mam's sky and really enjoy watching it... I've only seen a few presenters on there but like the Irish guy who always seems to be on late, is it Dave? And I don't mind Gemma either, she's very pretty!

Just wanted to know who guys liked or disliked? There's no one on there that I don't like so far... but there is one guy who has dark hair and he was quite boring, can't remember his name though!

i heart speed :)
I also like Gemma. Did you know that she amassed an incredible 9 Blue Peter badges when she was at school?

It's such a shame that she didn't manage to reach double figures but she must take some cold comfort in the fact that she is now working for this marvellous tvauction.


Wow, that's pretty impressive! Just like her attitude, think some of the presenters take it all very seriously... she seems quite tongue in cheek to me! I've seen a few more, Justin is quite good, but I don't get to watch much of it though which is a pain, need to get sky!

Who's your fave The Deal Breaker? And who don't you like?!

i heart speed :eek:

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