When is a price comparison not a price comparison


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Aug 30, 2023
TJC is a jewellery channel that offers a ruby necklace for only £30. To convince the viewers of the value of this deal, the presenter asks for a comparison with another ruby necklace. A different necklace appears on the screen, priced at £300, but with a disclaimer that it is not a direct comparison. This is a misleading tactic that TJC uses to make their jewellery seem more attractive and affordable than it really is. I wonder if folks know that they're getting fooled. TJC is just using those fancy brands to lure you into buying their stuff. What do you guy's think?
Sorry I don’t agree I see it more as you could buy this one or this one. No different when looking at catalogues or online and comparing tvs etc. All different quality makes and sizes. I would be concerned if they state they are a direct comparison but they don’t.
Think you are right to be skepital as let’s be honest this is a business and they are there to make sales and make money. We are surrounded by sales plots in day to day life. for example In supermarkets they have all types of sales tactics such as product location, displays to make something look attractive etc and we do not give it a second thought.

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