what shows do you find most boring?


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I would have to say Diy,gardening,anything electrical teles,computers,cameras etc! Some shows like Yankee Candles are very repetitive also;)
Clothing, make up, tat.

I like the Hi Tech and Electronics programmes.
Craft and NN!!

Oh and the comfort collection or whatver it is they call those bedspread things.
Craft, DIY, Charlie and Steiff bears, health and fitness, cleaning, Musical World of Christmas. All deadly boring, imho. :eek:
Candles and fitness - because you can't sense the relevant property of the products, in order to judge them.

Kirks and NN - because the presentation is so twee and pretentious.
It is good that evryone like different things - and good for me that I can't abide the following as I'd spend too much on other stuff...

Anything craft - sorry do not have an artisic bone in body.

Candles - make my asthma bad - but how can you talk about candles for an hour??? Was a teenager in the seventies - all they remind me of is the three day week - bring on the 60 watt bulbs!

Bedding - yes all very lovely and pretty and I doze off when the progs are on...
I don't mind the variety of stuff and I realise that not all of it will appeal to me but Northern Nights is the one show I wold happily see axed. It's just squares of cotton and feathers and there's only so much you can say about it.

Although I find craft a bore at least it's kept to a manageable proportion unlike IW.
all jewellery...bedding/curtains etc, technology, gardening, clothes, DIY, craft......hmmmm not really much left is there....
wow ...this is going to be a looong list (prob easier to say which shows I do like):

I find these shows boring: Northern Nights, Indigo Moon, Quacker Factory, QVC Selection (!), All teddy bear shows, All tech shows, "Around the House", health & fitness, Honora Pearls, worst of all has to be Slim n Lift

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