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These may be my Christmas pressie from hubby. They arrived today and through the bag I can see:

- the purples look like sparkling raspberries. Very very nice.
- the whites look, ummm, not so good.
- the design is awesome.
- the weight is good.
- the price is hefty but he got 10% off.
- the overall carat weight is good and if you try to buy the stones/gold and have them made you'd be looking at more.
- irradiated purple diamonds are very difficult to source so this would be almost impossible to replicate.

What do you reckon?
I like the design, but I'm sorry Meeshoo, I just don't like the black rhodium plating, is it possible to see a photo, (I know they're in the baggie) but it's really hard to imagine what they're like IRL?
Saw them on the telly and thought they were terrific, even though I don't wear earrings meself. Very different too (in a good way - lol). xxxxxxxxx
M4G the black rhodium actually works brilliantly. The purples sparkle like mad and honestly, I don't think it would have worked so well with white rhodium. I've taken some piccies through the bag but not sure if you can really see clearly but here you go ...........

Arge/Angel - cheers!


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Sorry Meesh, but i'm with M4G on this one. The purple diamonds are nice, but imvho the black rhodium backing cheapens the whole look of the earrings. Of course you can see them in the flash and therefore will have a better idea. x
I saw them when they were being presented and I thought that they were rather lovely. They had a great sparkle and the colour was indeed lively - a medium sort of plum rather than a dark purple. If I hdn't already bought too many earrings to break up for accents in rings being planned I'd have snapped them up.
The design is glamourous too.
I love them saw them one air!
Are you sure the white diamonds are not so good? just thinking about what the plastic bag did to the vs stud earrings you ordered in the past?
No Cherub. The whites are pants - trust me on this one!!!

I'm getting a quote to change about 20 of the whites in each earring (the ones that would be prominent) and it probably won't cost that much and change them to screw backs BUT I just keep thinking that I shouldn't have to do this to a £500 pair of earrings. Ok, I can cope with them being 9k gold. That doesn't bother me but it does bother me that the whites are so bliddy awful.

I'm just wondering if I should get hubby to send them back and find a pair of earrings that don't need anything doing to them and for £500 I'm sure I could find something ...... it's just the pull of the wonderful purple diamonds and knowing I won't be able to find them again that's stopping me :(
Have they got a replacement pair for you to look at?
If not as you said you shouldn't have to do so much to a £500 pair of earrings!
Sorry Meeshoo, now I've seen them I still don't like the black rhodium, and for that money, you really shouldn't have to virtually remake them to get them how you want.
Sorry from me too Meesh as another neg here. The black rodium doesn't worry me, I've got a few pieces of jewellery with that setting and rather like it when done well, but the earrings being 9ct and with crap (white) diamonds would bother me a lot, especially for that amount of money. :YIKES: :pPC:
I agree with you Sue although I can live with the 9k. I'm not really bothered about 9 or 18k BUT the white diamonds are bothering me.

I think these may have to go back. I really really love the purple diamonds though :(
Aha success! Been trying to read your post for past half hour but forum kept disappearing! I sympathise with the dilemma you have here Meesh its so difficult to see earrings as they should be seen when they arrive packed in this opaque plastic - does them no favours at all.

I returned recently a pair of evergreen diamond studs, which may/may not have had fabulous clarity and fire, but I just couldn't tell through the thick plastic! And for that amount of money I wasn't prepared to take the risk.....on the other hand if they had been the pink ones I was initially after.................:mysmilie_738.gif:

Just imagine if Gems tried sending out their rings bagged and sealed in opaque plastic, I doubt they'd ever sell any!
I wanted the ever green studs as well (off hubby for Christmas) but i thought 0.70cts for £199 was a low price so what would the clarity be like? as you said through the bags you have no chance of finding out! i realy wish they would find a way around this, yes i understand the hygiene issue and i agree they shouldn't be tried on, but they must loose so many sales!
I know it would be sticky but can they not just wrap tags around both the posts (as gems tags are the ones that are tamper proof!), i would prefer to have to wash the sticky posts than not be able to see through the bags!
Surely there is some way around this issue, they would have more sales and happier customers!
Meesh, are your earrings "mullberry"? The deal of the day earrings...USX7173 have just been shown at £369, so i'm sure there must be more mullberry/purple diamonds coming up on Gems.
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Obviously going to be the next big hype, the channel will be swamped with them soon. :rolleyes: :pPC:

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