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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone seen the couple of Manhattan pieces they've sold in the last couple of hours? Pretty but imho they're expensive!

This is the one that's just sold:-
1.476 carat Pink Sapphire and Diamond set in 14k yellow gold. Sold at £499. Sorry but for so many stones I think it is overpriced. The sapphire weight was 0.945 but for that money I would want one stone and not lots of "bits".

What do you think?



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Totally agree Kosblue,I bought a blue topaz with diamonds,14ct wt gold,good gold weight in a very similar design from an Ideal World sale,£45.Aaaah ,the good old days.
Yes Klos, I've seen a couple of beauties but horrendously overpriced for glitter. xx
I didn't see the one this morning Supercoolwillow but I saw one this afternoon and it was fab but again pricey. It was a wide band and the colours were lovely - was that the one?
OMG they've just tried to sell this for £789!!!!

Only saw it on the web and it says Timed Out - no flippin wonder! Oh dear Gems you've got this all wrong! Look at this one on TJC's website:- Yes it's a totally different design but it's still Madagascar Blue Sapphire but the TJC one is 1.62 carat of Sapphire in only 11 stones as opposed to 27, it has very slightly less diamond but it's 18K white gold the same as the Gems one. The TJC one is Iliana and has over a gm more in gold. How much is it? Half the price of the Gems one at £356 on their website meaning you'd probably get it for £299 on a live show!! Just under £500 cheaper!!! No wonder Gems are struggling - it's a joke - unless I'm missing something of course!!
I think it's expensive based on the colour of the pink sapphire too Klos.

Well that just proves it - they've completely lost the plot! What lunatic actually thinks they will sell at those prices??

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