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Aug 5, 2008
Gems have scored another "own goal" with the descriptions of some pearl earrings....I feel I must draw your attention to the statements of origin of the "South Seas Pearls" in these earrings......
18K South Sea Cultured Pearl W.Gold Earrings
18K South Sea Cultured Pearl W.Gold Earrings

The descriptions state "South Sea Pearls" ... and the prices would incline to that origin.... though at 9.5mm, the pearls are pretty squinny South Sea specimens!! BUT.... the details state "China" as the origin of the pearls.... now, they can be one or the other, but not both! So, are these Chinese pearls, in which case they cannot be called "South Sea pearls" or are they South Sea pearls, from .... let's guess.... the South Seas??!! I show the shop price of one of the pairs of earrings.... this would be a full retail price for VERY LARGE and good quality South Sea Pearls, !:thinking2:

Not the first time I have noticed discrepancies in Gems written details, but this error is of major proportions and would merit serious repercussions vis a vis Trading Standards regulations!

I have suggested to GEms that they look into these descriptions and take whatever steps are necessary to correct them.:tongue2: Not holding my breath!
Hi Mathilda,

I think that they must be suffering from the say problems as Rocks & Co who was selling Brazilian Rubelite from Mozambique?

China is a very big land mass and last time I checked it borders the Yellow Sea, South China Sea and East China Sea and not the South Sea.

South Sea Islands (Oceania) is traditionally understood as being composed of three regions: Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia with Australia

Seriously, if GEMS TV read these threads they will do something about it.
R&C changed the information the next day and apologised to its viewers and blamed technology for the mistake.


An update: a couple of days after I contacted Gems about these earrings, I received an email telling me that the items had been removed from the website while they looked inot the details etc.
Today I have had a phone call from Andrew at Gems, thanking me for bringing this to their attention and telling me that indeed, the pearls are of South Sea origin.

I didn't bother mentioning to him that the prices were ridiculously high for SSPearls of only 9.5mm !!

I did suggest to him that better attention be paid to descriptions of gem sizes in general...I have noticed too many instances onf items being presented as having an obviously erroneous carat weight.... some folks will have been getting a nasty shock when they get items home....??!!!

It is good that Gems have taken the time to get back to me on this matter, but there is still a large gap between Gems' reality and how things should be to make me a happy customer again...... I live in hope, though!
saw a pearl necklace being sold this morning for £19.99 it was very long, Scott was selling it - said it was at a silly price not to be repeated again - saw a close up of the pearls, (which were cultured!! lol) and the colour was strange, and the pearls, were odd shaped - reminded me of italian potato pasta - just really odd shaped pearls. xxxx

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