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Jun 24, 2008
Nearly choked on my lunch when I saw this:-

On their website reduced from £1314 to £1011 but sold for £699 - yes I did say £699!!!

I had a wee look at TJC's website and found an Iliana pendant with similar carat weight of 0.50 but with less stones and 3gms more gold. It's on their site at £409 which means you could probably take a good whack off if it was on their Falling Auctions

I know they are totally different designs but I cannot believe 2 people actually bought it for £699! What happened to the recession? I bet the diamonds are of a poorer quality than TJC's Iliana one too! Please tell me if I'm missing something here!
It's worrying that people are paying such over the odds prices. I just hope it's people with more money than sense and not people who can ill afford it, getting sucked in to the whole ambience of tv jewellery selling. I just feel the very least these channels can do is sell at a reasonably realistic price. £699 for diamond chips beggars belief.
OMG!!! How much?????

If it were one stone totalling .50ct then the price is right. Millions of chips - no no no no no!
I do feel as though the inflated prices seem to be getting the norm at the moment, I saw this pendant and couldn't believe how expensive it was - what's happened to 'cutting out the middle men' and having good prices & competitive prices, all very sad that these channels seem to be putting up the prices so much - don't know how people can afford to pay these such inflated prices - and I dread to imagine what there valuations would say
Nah! They've put the decimal point in the wrong place surely?!!! I can't think anyone would pay that much for chippings - would they?????
I remember the days of the Darls pendant - granted it was 9k not 18, and probably very light but the 1/2 carat of diamond was just in 7 stones and it sold around £75.
Bling prices are definitely getting silly everywhere now, glad I have a small warehouse full already!

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