What am i missing re web massive 50% clearance?


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Nov 19, 2008
Hi all

nothing has changed re web clearance or prices, am i missing something from the heads up e-mail i received yesterday re this special event?

Davina x
... all i can think is that is refers to the fact that clearance items are in general 50% of normal price? (when they arent a clearance item) but ive not had an email..

i actually noticed prices had gone up, eg: the massive PT on their was 4 thousand odd early yest, n now is 5k odd.

thats a bit off........ do u get discount after u add to basket? or basically there isnt any?
Hi Girls,

Basicly you go into clearance at the top of the home page, the retail price is in red and the price you pay is in grey! there are only 8 pages of clearance prices.
search it by low/high.... some great things in there I must admit..

Hope this helps you all!

I'm wondering if they've made a whopping mistake and someone has plussed instead of minussed. Given the crackers (in a good way) prices on the telly this increase seems bonkers. xxxxxxxx
I was thinking the exact same! but the increase isnt 50percent,

The other day, i witnessed a web game auction go backwards from £51.67p to fin at £64.00 when clock had finished.

that was an error too.
I saw that big grren trilliant paraiba was up to over £5k and was in the middle of composing hufft email when I went to check it again and it appeared back at £47 43 or somesuch.... website seemed to be showing a mind of its own...... I logged off in a sulk!

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