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Sep 8, 2008
Has anybody bought any pieces from this range? I like a few of the pieces just wondered before I make my first purchase what you thought and any recommendations.:1:
I love that kind of stuff and I have a pair of earrings on order, but not arrived yet (only ordered yesterday) so I can't say.

I noticed that they have a Vintage 1901 hour on Sunday evening, so that would be a good chance to take a closer look at what's on offer.
Hi guys! I'm fairly new to shoppingtelly but joined the other day as I wanted to get other peoples views on GemsTV's problems last weekend!

Since then I've been watching the other channels and bought 2 items from the Vintage Collection. The Green Amethyst and the Mabe Pearl, got the amethyst and waiting for the pearl!
The Amethyst ring is beaut!

Andrew, if you're reading this, I think there's a slight technical problem with the Vintage 1901 Collection on the website.

I can see that some new vintage style items have just been added to the website (e.g. item numbers 266 255, 385 899 and 398 547), and I'm guessing that these are supposed to be part of the Vintage 1901 Collection.

Unfortunately, though, when you click on "Collections, Vintage 1901" from the menu bar, the new items are not included. I'm thinking that they haven't been properly flagged or something. Could you look into it, please?

I particularly love these vintage pieces, and it's handy being able to find them at a click!


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