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Jul 26, 2008
:33: There is a Jewellery show on at the moment called Top Rated Jewellery.

Pipa has just said all reviews are shown on the website whether good or bad, would you agree????
when i have posted negative reviews they dont print them even just last week i sent in two reviews one for shavata tweezers gave it 5 it was printed the other gave a 1 star for mirror keyring set which was poor quality and guess what not printed!
You have to be careful what you put in the negative reviews though and make sure everything keeps to facts as QVC are liable for anything that is written on the site which I think it why some bad reviews probably do not appear.

I didn't realise this, but you are quite right, all reviews are certainly not printed. I ordered item 827895 adjustable silicon oven trays which were stated on air to fit most ovens!!(sorry I can't do a link) They certainly did not fit my standard built under oven and wouldn't go into my neighbour's built in eye level oven either even on the smallest adjustment. I rang CS and told them to be given the reply "Oh well we've sold lots of these and they've got great reviews, if you want to return them you will have to send them back in the normal way". The shelves have not got any reviews and I immediately wrote an honest negative one. Guess what? Not printed. These things are really heavy because of the metal adjusters you are supposed to insert but I am determined to send them back even though it will probably cost more in postage than the value of the darned things.
I've written a couple of reviews for things. Some positive and some negative. They've all been posted.
I worded mine very carefully though and certainly didn't swear or anything like that. If you say something is crap for example, I doubt that would be posted.

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