Ultrasun TSV 03/06/24


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I have visions of us all getting off the sofa at 9pm to either make a brew or watch paint dry, rather than listen. I've just muted the telly but can still sense the dialogue!!!
That awful mist again! Thankfully I'd forgotten Lamellar was on last night and I'm out all day today so I won't have to listen to her hectoring tone nor witness those awful simpering looks she gives the camera when the presenter is introducing her. I just wish QVC had the equivalent of an ignore button so I could opt out entirely of seeing guests like her that give me the ick!!
The mist worked for my daughter on her hair parting when swimming etc. We have used it on our faces but more to cool down as we already had ultra sun face cream on.
Is the mist really that bad? This is quite a good set for me, in the 30 SPF.
We (family of 3) took mist with us to Majorca last August. Was great for husband's head. Didn't quite last the week, and it was, I think, solely used by him. Delivery system great though and no sunburn.
I tried the mist but it made my face feel sticky and I only gave my face a very light spray. However, I mentioned it to my ex and he asked to try it. He plays a lot of golf and thought it would easier to apply mid-game if needed. He actually liked it 😳 and so he got a couple more of them in his Christmas “stocking.”

It doesn’t last long though so I guess I’ll have to stock him up again.
  • 1 x Family SPF 30 (200ml) RRP £34 (Based on the price of the 100ml & 150ml, £6 increment between them) cost £13.89
  • 1 x Face SPF 30 (100ml) RRP £48 (based on the 50ml size) cost £19.61
  • 1 x Face & Scalp Mist SPF 50 (75ml) RRP £22 cost £8.98
Total RRP £104 cost £42.48.


SPF 50 option contains:

  • 1 x Sports Gel SPF 50 (200ml) RRP £28 cost £11.66
  • 1 x Face SPF 50 (100ml RRP £52 (based on the 50ml size) cost £21.66
  • 1 x Face & Scalp Mist SPF 50 (75ml) RRP £22 cost £9.16

Total RRP £102 cost £42.48.

Thanks SCW for prices.

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