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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
Received my haul today. Some gorgeous pieces ans some I am not sure about. I must say the ring sizing seems way out on some of the pieces. Here goes


Lovely ring but I need to see through a loop to see if the stone is damaged or its just the cut. Undecided


This is just gorgeous!!

A big look. These are white pearls and are stunning.

Love Marcasite and this is stunning but again the ring size is a bit bigger than N!!

Another stunning Marcasite and Onyx ring. Ring size again bigger than N!

Just added to the basket to see it IRL - A big look but absolutely stunning and sits comfy on the fingers if only it was a size N. This ring fits me on my thumb. I don't have a thumb ring so might keep it.

Lovely daily wear earrings

Wow bigger and chunkier than I thought. On the look out for a few more charms :rolleyes:

Not as eye catching as my other ones but a keeper at £6 and it looks good when I stack it with lighter colours!

I already have this but could not resist as a present for £12. The pendant unfortunately is yellow rather than silver colour! Do I try to clean it or ask a replacement?


Just one word - Stunning. Gorgeous colour and even better in spot lights.

Now the big one - which I need all your opinions please

I went for this ring as Tabs posted a picture of hers. Mine seem to be slightly paler in colour as you can see from my picture. The ring size again is bigger than N and the ring keeps turning on me!!!!! If anyone else has this ring can they please compare it to mine and tell me if the colours are different. Love the design and its still a bargain at £122 but is it worth a replacement?
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I got the citrine ring BH and it looks different to yours. Mine is as clear as a bell. Love the marcasite pieces and the garnet- you've done well.
Lovely things as always!

And as I got two of those items today I have to say that you've got great taste;)

I received the first marcasite ring (and it is bigger than an N which, as you know, pleases me!) and the smoky quartz flower. Each of these was only £6, I think that's just amazing.
Fabulous haul you have got yourself there,BH:)

I have the white and greeny pearl necklace too,it's fabby and sits really nice.

I would maybe get another citrine ring as it does look like it may be damaged which is a shame coz it's a stonker of a ring.

Cannot help with the tanzy/rubellite(unfortunately) but Tabs' did look deeper in colour on her pics so it may again be worth another look at one.

Enjoy your lovely pieces.xxx
Lovely peices bargainhunter..I have the earrings you received today too. Re your tanzy/rubellite...It does look paler on your pics, but that could be down to the flash on your camera too. If you can perhaps try and get hold of another to compare it with? HTH

L x
Wow BH some gorgeous pieces - especially the double flower ring (which I don't have - so cant really advise) - maybe you could give Katherine/Tony a call and see what they say about the colour of their other stock - if you feel you would be happier with deeper coloured stones.


Oh BH they're all fabulous, you suit everything, am liking that flower ring, its really pretty and feminine.
BH - send the tanzy/rubellite ring back. All of the stones in my ring are more intense than yours and that's against my milk bottle white hands, which tend to wash out tanzy.

Enjoyed seeing the pics of your lovely jewellery as ever BH, the pearl necklaces and all the previous ones we have seen have all looked stunning and very stylish on you. (Remember that hilarious thread when you posted about your Gems pearl *********!! ):ANYWORD: Ahh...the good old days....:rolleyes:
You certainly have got a few bargains there,I have the first pearl necklace and I agree it looks lovely on.
I did buy a 1 and a half carat diamond ring which arrived yesterday at about 1pm and went back at about 2.30pm.It was beautiful and very reasonable but at least two of the diamonds were greyish and looked odd.I have spoken to Katherine and she has said that she will find me another one and check it before it is sent out.I hope she can as it is my wedding anniversary prezzie from hubby.
It is a little addictive don't you think,LOL I pop in to look most nights and end up buying something.LOL
The prices are so good though,bought a magazine for hubby the other day and that was £7 for the same money I bought a pair of smokey quartz earrings.Think I got the better deal there.LOL

Wow Falguni, who's been busy?
What lovely items as always hun, you have great taste and an eye for a bargain.
So sorry to hear your flower ring is too pale, I love the design but it's too much money if you're not happy with the colour - I hope they get you a decent replacement.
I adore both of those marcasite rings, something I'll never be able to buy as they can't size down (just like the tanzy/rubellite).
The citrine ring I got for my friend is much better than yours, send it back for replacement.
I'm really impressed by a couple of your necklaces there - the kama charm one is much chunkier than I had imagined, it looks really nice for something I had not really rated till now. And the white pearl necklace is fabulous - I've always been a bit put off that one because it's not symmetrical, but it looks so nice on you that I might now be tempted. It too is much more substantial than I would have expected.
So enjoy your keepers, and I hope that Rocks can get you a new citrine and rubellite/tanzy.
Great bargains and lovely pieces BH. I'm glad you're sending back the Tanzy/Rubellite for a replacement. You'd never be happy with it and as it's quite an expensive piece, it's worth the hassle to get a good one. Same goes for the Citrine. It looks very included in the photo.

Thanks for posting the pics - it all looks stunning on you. I can't wear brown, but I do love the design of those earrings on you. :)
Thanks all for you lovely comments. I have been wearing the tanzy/rubellite ring today in the house and have decided to send it back and get a refund. I love the design but the size and the colour are putting me off! I have asked for a replacement for the citrine ring.

Now come on Anne show us your haul!

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