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Aug 1, 2008
My first purchase from TJC went back after the stone fell out after only a hour of wearing it.So i thought i will not deal with them again,however i have tuned in this weekend and i have been tempted by their fast pace and low prices.Should i stick with my gut feeling of bad workmanship or was i just unlucky.Please help me decide as i have read so many mixed reviews about the company.
I think you've been unlucky AS, although a few others have had similar problems in the past, the best way to judge if you should buy more is to see how they deal with your return. Let's face it, they are making thousands of pieces of jewellery, so the odd one or two may fall through the quality control net, doesn't mean it's going to happen again.

I would try then out again. I have bought several items from tjc and had a few problems but overall it's not totally stopped me from buying the odd thing from them and most items of jewellery I have purchased from them I have been delighted with and quality has been excellent :) what are you thinking of buying alwaysskint?
Despite my sometimes negative comments about TJC, I have to say I've bought loads from them and have never once had a problem with the quality of their jewellery. It's just their methods and a few presenters that get me irate!! At the moment they do have some great bargains so I would say have another go Alwaysskint.
Thanks Klos,Pandabear and Mad4gems
I have just had a special birthday (40) and i would love a mexican fire opal and one of their large appetite rings. Think i will go for it as i had no trouble sending the ring back last time.
I've got mexican fire opal in a ring from tjc alwaysskint and it is a wonderful deep orangey colour so think you will be pleased with the fire opal :)
I recommend to try tjc again, we have never had any problems with them! :)

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