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Aug 25, 2008
Hiya peeps,

Firstly the cutest little multi coloured pearl pendant i've ever seen...I love it want more items to fact I neeeeed more items to match lol

Secondly the verrrry long 48" string of grey I wasn't sure i'd like the colour so much but its stunning really more like silver so another keeper.

There was another set of pink and white pearls with a matching bracelet but my mum snaffled them before I could photogrpah it lol

Lastly my competition win..a very unusual design necklace made of amethyst and citrine. Its quite heavy so I think it has a big carat weight. The colours are stunning in this too :)


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Wibbly, those grey/silver pearls are delish!! I think they would give Honora a really good run for it's money. The comp win is beautiful- I'm jealous too!
Lovely,lovely pearly pieces.

I have hovered over the multi pendant,maybe I will succumb,the colours look fab and the grey long pearls are so now.

Fantastic prize you have there,I don't really wear amethyst but I would certainly wear's gawjuss:32:

Enjoy wearing them:1:
Lovely Wibbles, and lucky you, I saw you win that necklace, it's gorgeous.
Wibbly i love those little pearls not seen them in an auction but will look out for those I like those very much not so sure about the silver grey ones though but as most things look better in real life I'm sure they are very nice to
I just saw the pendant in time - the price - so clicked quick! Hadn't seen that one before...very pretty...I like multicolours and multigems because they go with everything...

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