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Jun 24, 2008
On a hill, at the end of the road, where the wind
I got 3 rings delivered this week

First the definite keeper: rainbow sapphire half eternity ring
Love it! Sparkly and stunning, and goes well with any other wg or platinum or diamond set jewellery


Secondly: the pearl ring at £84
I love the setting, very elegant how the gold with the (very) tiny diamonds wrappes around the pearl. The pearl is greyish, not silver, not black, but I was hoping to see a purple or oily sheen on it..... it hasn't. It has more of a brown colouring iykwim

The PT
The colour was not as vibrant as on the telly, I am sure I did not get the one they showed. But still not too bad for £99..... but as you can see there is a...... window!! How suprising lol lol
I like the design, and hope that one day I can keep a PT, but think I need to return it

sorry for the carpy piccies, my lumix is playing up tonight
Love the RS, i had that pearl ring and mine was green lol PT is such hit and miss isn't it? keep trying you'll find your perfect ring one day soon i'm sure x
i like the TP ring, but its personal taste, is that ur hand on ur leg ? i watched the Pariaba hour tonite n imissed only 1 i liked, i thought id add another that i saw on tv, but it went grrrrrrrrr....
i just hope i can afford mine (paraiba) wen it cums to the crunch ... im kinda waiting for refunds hoping they cum in time...
I love the RS tia - good choice!

Shame about the PT, but fun to keep on hunting for the right (windowless) one :grin:
I love your RS Tia - it's so pretty! :flower: Like you say, it will go with so many things and I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of it.

That looks like a very large pearl. If the surface quality is good and displays a nice luster, then it's a tremendous price now that we know the TPs haven't been treated. However, if it's not quite right for you, then I'd try for one that you'll love.

It's a long hard struggle finding a good PT - just ask Fluff! Good luck finding yours.
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I love the RS and the TP Tia. I think the TP is a lovely colour but this is so much a matter of personal taste. It sits nicely on your hand too, these bigger ones can look a bit strange on some folk. xxxxx
Tia - hope you don't mind if I add my twopenneth?

PT - back it should go! Consigned to the great window factory in the sky! To be honest I can't see the gem at all but the colour doesn't look great - even though the price reflected that. Please bear in mind that if you're going to get an un-windowed PT with a great colour you're going to be paying MUCH MUCH more. (Sorry - that's depressing isn't it)?

TP - I love love love it. It really suits your hand (and I wouldn't say that if it didn't). The bronze colour is not as common as you think and so I reckon you've got a winner. The green sheen is common. The purple is very difficult to find so the chances of getting one with that hint of a tint is not going to be an easy task. In the winter do you wear browns at all? It would look stunning with that and creams in the summer.

RS ring - looks gorgeous with great colour grading. Definitely a keeper!

Are you taking photos with a phone or camera? If it's a camera, try using the macro mode if you have one (it will look like a flower symbol). Put your ring on a table (preferably one that won't bounce back light - maybe a wood table - then rest your camera about 6" from the ring, adjust the focus, point and shoot! Until you're used to taking photos, stay away from hand shots because both hands will move and you end up with a blurry photo!!!
Tia, I love, love your RS ring Tia and it looks perfect on your finger.

I haven't seen TP in that colour before ... it's unusual and looks lovely on.

I have finally got a PT ring (not from Gems tho) .... it has got a window but only a little one and I can live with that. I've probably sent at least 20 back to Gems .... some cheapish and some more expensive but they've either been very pale or badly windowed.

Just one I sent back:
... it was £375 and became affectionately known as the "fruit polo" and was on the web roundabout for months after I sent it back. lol

In all honesty I'm not sure Gems have any "good" PTs left in stock but good luck in your search.
LOVE the rainbow sapphire ring Tia, it's beautiful. I also love the Tahitian pearl, whatever colour it is :4:
thanks all for your comments! That is one of the reasons i luuuuve ST, all bling mad ladies
I probably keep the TP as indeed it will match my winter wardrobe and it sits nicely on my finger
Meesh-thanks for the camera suggestions, my camera (an otherwise excellent panasonic lumix) was playing up last night, macro wasn't working, I couldn't get any focus at all.... and I didn't have time to take daylights pictures, maybe on sunday.

I knew the PT could not be right for a merely £99, but... the one on the telly was very vibrant.
I will not waste time finding a PT on gemstv, I am prepared to pay a great deal more if I could get a nice stone, same goes for an emerald.
My search for the holy gem grail continues:BLING:
There was a lime green pear shaped PT shown last night I think. Even the photo was lime green. It did have a window but the colour was amazing and in all honesty for that colour I would have got it home for a look. You can sometimes close a small(ish) window with a great setting.
My Tp is bronze and i had one like yours that was green but had pit marks so it went back, i like the bronze pearl x


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There was a lime green pear shaped PT shown last night I think. Even the photo was lime green. It did have a window but the colour was amazing and in all honesty for that colour I would have got it home for a look. You can sometimes close a small(ish) window with a great setting.

I didn't see that one, the problem is that if there are more than 1 available, you can get a cr@ppy one....
I am not able to watch GTV these days, as my sister is here on a visit, and shoulf would question my sanity lol

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