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Aug 2, 2009
Thought you might like to see what was in my delivery today...

All in all, a pretty good one. Even the earrings were only packed in ONE plastic bag which enabled much better viewing. I ordered two pairs of earrings - green tourmaline white gold (but these are going back as they are smaller than I expected and have windows) and silver smoky quartz (these are also going back because I can see under a loupe that the facets are chipped on one earring and I think will fall out of the setting quite quickly as the prongs hardly touch the stones).

The rings however are an entirely different kettle of fish!

It's not often, in fact hardly ever, that I open a box and go WOW! I was lucky enough to be one of the 9, I think it was, on Sunday who won this 9ct white gold amethyst ring in their Solitaires hour. It's set quite high and is quite heavy so slips a bit on my finger but I will be keeping it as it's gorgeous.

The Mandarin Garnet 9ct white gold ring I got in the clearance. I'd looked at it before but not bothered getting it, but I'm glad I've got it now as it's a stunning colour.

The Citrine, which is also white gold, was from a web game. This is lovely, very clear stones.

Definitely three keepers here!


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Well done Greenie, what a lovely haul! I like them all. I have Mandarin Garnet and agree with you that it's a lovely colour. The amethyst is fab - just my style and a lovely deep colour. Citrine is such a happy sunny stone and your ring looks very nice. Hope you enjoy wearing them.
Greenie - the amethyst is to die for! I love high set rings in the Tiffanyesque setting! WOW! Well done you!

Enjoy wearing them all.
Absolutely beautiful Greenie, I love them all and I particularly like the trilogy setting.
I've got a quick question about the amethyst ring which I'm hoping someone will be able to answer. The origin is down as N/A. Why is this? It is real amethyst, isn't it?
Yes it is real this happened before with an emerald ring and Scott told us that they were unsure of its origin so they were honest and said they didn't know(n/a) don't worry although they should know realy lol
I love them all Greenie, but that ameythst is fabulous! Well done you, enjoy wearing them :clapping:

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