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Jan 2, 2009
I had a yummy delivery today and for only the second time since I have been shopping with Rocks am I keeping ALL of the pieces :D

1 - Red Labradorite earrings - These are an amazing colour, I haven't really been able to capture on film how vibrant they are...
2 - White Jade earrings - These are lovely and will go with my White Jade bracelet that I got a couple of weeks ago :)
3 - Sponge Coral earrings and pendant - Wasn't sure I was going to like them but they are so easy to wear :)
4 - Blue Topaz and Marcasite pendant - This is gorgeous!! It is also Mad4Gems fault lol
5 - Pearl & Howlite necklace - I love love love these pearls, had to have the necklace to match the bracelet :D


  • Red Lab earrings.jpg
    Red Lab earrings.jpg
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  • White Jade earrings.jpg
    White Jade earrings.jpg
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  • Sponge Coral set.jpg
    Sponge Coral set.jpg
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  • Topaz and Marcasite pendant.jpg
    Topaz and Marcasite pendant.jpg
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  • Pearl and Howlite necklace.jpg
    Pearl and Howlite necklace.jpg
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1 - Blue Sandstone necklace - This isn't as blue as I expected it to be but the gold flecks are amazing!!
2 - Diopside ring - OMG!! I was really unable to get the true colour on a photo but it is absolutely gorgeous :eek:
3 - Amethyst and Turquoise bracelet - This is so pretty and very vibrant


  • Blue Sandstone.jpg
    Blue Sandstone.jpg
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  • Blue Sandstone1.jpg
    Blue Sandstone1.jpg
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  • Diopside Ring.jpg
    Diopside Ring.jpg
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  • Turquoise and Amethyst bracelet.jpg
    Turquoise and Amethyst bracelet.jpg
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Fab haul...move over bargainhunter!! :3::3:

My favourites this time are the red labradorite earrings and the diopside ring.

Enjoy wearing them all!
Some real beauties there! Love the red labradorite and sponge coral set, the diopside ring is to die for and the blue sandstone is great too! Enjoy wearing them :)
Lovely haul Shireen. I love the tuquoise/amethyst bracelet and the sandstone necklace. Hope they don't sell out of those. Love the red lab. and diopside ring too - beautiful. Wear all in good health.
Lovely haul Shireen. The sandstone and pearl/howlite are brilliant aren't they, I love mine. The diopside is a beaut. Enjoy wearing them all.
Enjoy wearing them,fab haul...i have the sandstone coming soon,plus the sponge coral is a lovely colour wear mine alot.xxx

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