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Aug 14, 2009
I've sent my emu boots back - they were crap....

I didn't buy a single thing from kipling - realised I didn't want it,didn't need it - then nothing else took my fancy...

Nothing upcoming that I'm particularly looking forward to want.

FARTED on the purple centigrade (do I still want though!!)

Have always thought I relied on qvc because I can't get to the shops with working,kids etc...but I've been out today and lots took my fancy and it puts qvc prices into perspective.

I've cut dowm considerably anyway since xmas because of "The Letter" - is this it?! will it last?!
Well done RD!:up2: Sorry to hear the Emu's weren't so hot - prices were on the ridiculous side imo:emo: All this F.A.R.T.I.N.G makes us very selective:tongue2:
were thay the stinger ones? what was wrong with them out of interest?

I knew they were dear/overpriced - but I looked on the internet and they were all going for around £95 ish and no black.

I paid £124 (I think) with postage and 2 easy payments.Easy payments helped me out as obviously I couldn't get that on other sites and I really wanted black - so I went for them.

Compared with my other Emu's - they were completely different.

The first thing that REALLY annoyed me was the dye came off everywhere - my hands,the jeans I tried them on with,even my settee I sat down on to try them on.None of my others have ever done this - but the thing that annoyed me the most was there was an attached label to say this will happen - AND NOT ONE PRESENTER MENTIONED IT:angry::angry::angry:

The footbed was horrible - you could really "feel" it IYSWIM? The sole/heel was almost a wedge and I felt like I was rocking back and forth on it when walking?

I know my others are older and more worn ie the sheepskin has bedded down but these were really narrow as well - no way would I get my jeans in them.

I see on the website that most of the reviews aren't favourable:thinking2:
Meant to say also they weren't even a proper black - I put them next to my other black emu's and these qvc ones almost looked like an ink colour next to them and looked even worse in daylight.

Well worth the £4 ish to send back!
Sorry to hear about the emus rainbowdottie! I think the fact that the label on them mentioned about the dye coming off, but this NOT being mentioned by the presenters is just plain old underhand!! And the way you describe they dye coming off so easily, just shows to me that the product is actually defective... yet it's still being sold!! Good for you sending them back (and lucky for QVC you're not kicking up a fuss about any damage done to your jeans and setee)!!

PS. I can live with the presenters being neutral/positive about a product they don't themselves like because this is subjective - someone out there might like it - but when they present what was in this instance defective goods, it's just NOT ON!!
yes I think that was particularly bad.The fact there is a label attached to the boot makes it out and out underhand like you say.

None of my other emu's have ever done this and I do have some black ones - and they are even a true black colour.

Really really naughty of qvc.
you know what rainbow dottie i posted on the emu tsv thread that i thought they looked a bit faded and the so called pink was really dreary looking.

i would not have paid to return these obviously failty items and i would have asked for my origional postage cost back.

emu started off as a good company selling a premiun product but now they are getting all hyped up at the thought of selling huge amounts of boots to qvc. this is sad i have in total 3 pairs and the quality is superb i even look forward to winter so i can wear them.

they have a quality control issue here and they are not such good value anymore how sad.

i got a lovely pair in tk if you have a local one just keep popping in.
I've sent my emu boots back - they were crap....

I didn't buy a single thing from kipling - realised I didn't want it,didn't need it - then nothing else took my fancy...

Nothing upcoming that I'm particularly looking forward to want.

It's quite liberating isn't it when you don't purchase stuff? I was tempted by the Elemis TSV purely for the serum (cleanser has egg in so wouldn't have been able to use it) but decided I wanted it more than I needed it so didn't in the end. Was v. pleased to have saved £40+ when you include the P&P.

Sorry to hear your Emus were rubbish. I don't wear them so can't really comment but even so, I'd expect boots that cost that much to be of a better quality / not stain your clothing!!
:hi:Aw thanks everyone for the sympathy of my emu's!

Didn't really need them if I'm honest:blush: - I do have others - but I've learnt my lesson at least,I'll know I qon't be tempted by them again.

I'm not sure the boots were faulty as such (although my other black ones have never done this even from new)- it is a natural fibre,and clearly says so on the label - I think its more the point that qvc have deliberatley misled customers and I just think that is so not on.I'm really losing my faith in qvc.

Thing is though,I need to stay annoyed at qvc.I was annoyed by "The Letter" and deliberatley stopped buying.And then that fades:cheeky: I need to remember this so I can keep farting!

I agreee its liberating not to purchase.I felt really good about not wanting a kipling bag yesterday,I truely believe that qvc hope so many people are loyal to a particular brand and go with it regardless.

I'm fed with poor items and inconsistency.I loved a coat in Next today - a shop I don't normally go in - and even then I had QVC in mind because the bottom line is,you need to try things on and you need to feel the quality.You need to feel if its worth the money - and if you do hey,guess what? no absurd p&p charges:cool2:

wow,hope this feeling lasts:angel:
rainbow dottie i hope that qvc take note. there is always the dreaded high street that sell inferior goods to us poor unsuspecting souls.

yaeh right!:angel:
yes,I've been brainwashed into thinking that the "high street is rubbish and they won't take back my goods after 30 days and worn,you know?"

But hey guess what - I didn't think the high street was rubbish - in fact it was very good - and do you know what,I don't need to take it back after 30 days because I'm free to walk round the shop,make a desicion after seeing all on offer,feel it,try it on,inspect it and come to a happy desicion after not being misled by a saleperson!

Oh and to top it off - I haven't "saved" money by buying on qvc and not wasting car park fees - I live in london - we have massive shopping centres in industrial (sp) sites with free parking!!!!!!

Gosh i hope this feeling lasts
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rainbowdottie it has to last:
high street.
the f.a.a.r.t.h.
watch out and beware qvc we may not all fall for the misleading sales talk,the crushed bedding,the shedding brushed cotton, masquerading as hotel quality high end bedding. gatineau tsv with no value et all:tongue2:
*still like to read all the reviews of things that I farted against to see what i missed out on and was it worth farting for!!!!!*

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