Stupid rogue bidder on TJC - Why!!!!????


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Am watching poor old Liz Fuller trying to deal with a rogue bidder who is bidding on all her items with absolutely no intention to pay for them.

Why do people do this??? They will get found out. It really makes me angry that people who legitimately want to buy items miss out because of some a$$hole who decides it is "fun" to wreck the auctions.

So far they've "bought" a 6.89ct Iliana diamond bracelet, a trilogy ring and a 1.00ct diamond necklace.

Honestly some people really need to get out more!!

Sorry......was just angry. I have a soft spot for TJC as my engagement and wedding ring set which I treasure, are from TJC.

I hope this idiot gets what is coming to them!

How childish is that! I hope they catch whoever it is and enforce their T & C's which state all bids are legally binding.

Could be a jealous competitor of some sort.
I'm sure that happened to Liz last week as well, i'm sure after a few bids they can block the phone number.
But as you said its a shame that genuine bidders can miss out because of stupid and selfish rouge bidders!
I know this is really bad! Liz did make me laugh when she said who ever you are, we know where you live, and we will be knocking on your door LOL, then she said only joking and laughed!

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