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I have tried stuff that is like a primer before and i think it was from Smashbox. It feels great on the skin and makes it flawless, the problem i have with these products is that it seems not to allow the skin to breath and blocks my pores !
Has anyone else felt this with primers ?
I am tempted to go for some Spackle but am not sure if this will end up the same as it is silicone based ?
I like Spackle and it's fab if you pop it in the fridge and then apply (if you suffer from hot cheeks).

I don't always use it but my make up (Bare Escentuals mineral foundation) definitely goes on better when I do (note to self, stop being so lazy and apply Spackle daily)
there are a few primers that are less silicone driven and more skincare focused - Sue Devit has one (which I tried thought was good) or the global goddess one (not tried so cannot comment) which may be better for you. the thing is, my understanding is that it is the silicone that allows the foundation to "stick" to the skin and also make the skin look flawless.

Depending on why you are using a primer, you could try this - i have tried an intensive period of boosting my skin with loads of hydrating and vitamin intensive products. at the time i was using the sue devit product and thought it was brilliant but it was just the fact that my skin was really well. it will not make your make up last any better but it does make the application a breeze.

i think that the silicone will always clog (the best primer out there is one by dhc but that is basically a tube of silicone) and if your skin is not happy being masked all day, i would suggest going for one from a skincare range so it has those qualities or foregoing except on special occasions...sorry!!!!
Did you get the Smashbox TSV Pinkearplugs - it has the primer light in it, which doesn't have the silicone base. I like it in the summer or for daytime. It doesn't polyfiller pores in the same way that the Smashbox classic primers do, but I think it still works. The TSV was a great way to try it.
Love the idea about putting primer in the fridge - never thought of that
I got a sample of the new SB its really lovely can't wait to Christmas Day to try the rest of the set, what I love about spackle is that it is really cooling and you only need a tiny amount
Out of the two, I prefer Spackle but have yet to try the SB light one from from the TSV.

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