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Jun 24, 2008
As a fan of this range I am concerned that the brand name no longer appears in the brand A-Z. Have QVC dropped this range? I really hope not because I think it is fab. :(
Perhaps they have got rid of their stocks and the name will only go back on when they have a special show. If QVC have dropped South Western silver, I'll be fed up too, as I really like it.
This is one that needs to be monitored! I am really glad that I am not alone in loving this range of jewellery. All my SW pieces are beautiful to look at and beautifully made. Similar items in the shops just do not compare - it is with ranges like this that QVC provide us with something really good that we would normally find difficult to source.
Maybe with the change of the QVC website some brands have been missed off the list.
Just typed in South Western Silver in the search facility and 108 items came up. Theres a show sometime in December as it was mentioned the other night.

I also love the SW Silver range and noticed that they are not in the listings any more.

But I also remember Carolyn Pollack saying she would be back in December.
This range is so popular I can't imagine it being dropped.
I love SW silver as well. Very well made, unique and good value for money. I would be very upset if QVC discontinued it. I bet there are so many fans out there and I like Carolyn, a very genuine and pleasant guest to watch and listen too.:1:

I don't buy any more of QVC gold jewellery or gems but their ethnic silver designer ranges are great and good value - like SW silver, Taxco/Artisan crafted mexican silver, Treasures of India, Chateau d'Argent. Also Suarti range is beautiful but pricey.
The only place I have seen anything remotely resembling South Western silver was Arizona Gold that I saw in Tenerife last year. I am well aware that gold and silver aren't the same thing, but they were of very similar designs but the gold equivilent.
they have loads of their items but not as someone says in the A-Z listings.........lets just hope its a typo....the quality is 2nd to none [ least what i have tried ] suarti used to be my fav silver but my style has changed a little or maybe its her who has.......KEEP SOUTH WESTERN QVC PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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