So good is must be Sphene (sorry!)


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This arrived today:

1.73ct of yummylicious Sphene! The picture of the gemstone (above) is seriously naff but IRL it's a little lime green disco ball. It's well cut and almost a calibrated size so will go in a standard setting. For £32 this is such a bargain!

I'll take photos at the weekend when I have more time so you can see its beautiful dispersion.


p.s. Special thanks to the lovely Katherine who checked this out for me as I still can't log on. :sad:
What a bargain Meeshoo - well done you! I must be needing more medication though - it look me ages to get what you meant by your title - god I must be getting old or something!! :taphead:

What are you going to do with it?
Bargain price for some lovely Sphene. Its a gemstone thats allways been on my wish list, one day i'll get round to getting a piece.

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