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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
Received another haul today and needless to say all lovely. A few going back for replacement but overall a very happy bunny :1:
Saw Anne blue topaz and when this came up had to look at it IRL. It is stunning, good colour amethyst, sits a big high so will have to be careful it does not catch on clothings!
Soon getting very close to owning most of the marcasite rings! This one is stunning.
Much better IRL - amethyst is a gorgeous colour.
To match the swirly pendant!
Lovely ring but the pearl is bit out of shape. Will get a replacement.
Much bigger IRL. Its very light weight and very comfortable to wear.
Not my usual style. This ring has a few scratches so still undecided!
Finally the hedgehog collection is complete. I love them all but slightly dissapointed by the paler colour of the blue topaz!
One word - stunning
A very big look - the SQ is very pale and nothing like the picture. It looks more like honey quartz. Will e-mail CS and see what they say.
Love it but have just spotted a crack line in one of the amethyst!!!!!!!!!

And finally
Great piece and now need a few more!:52:
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Fab haul as usual, I think someone else mentioned that the blue hedgie was rather pale, although the picture looks a good colour.

:clap: wow :clap: wow :clap: wow

I laughed at the hedgie shot - because its lovely to see them all together like a happy family ahhhhhhhhh bless em

I've got the peridot too & love it - but am waiting on Tony for a replacement
Your Hedgehogs are lovely Bargainhunter but am I spotting a bare little finger there?
Obviously room for just one more.:1:
Love the hedgehogs, what a great picture!

I'm surprised how pretty the mabe pearl ring is, I've only seen Rocks picture before & thought I didn't like it - but I do! (probably missed the boat with that one though, it's sold very cheaply before but goes for a lot more now)
lovely haul
i have the mabe pearl ring paid £7 but was'nt sure about it , it was a basket filler but i love it this is defo one to see for real i had the bangle but sent it back it was'nt me really
yet i thought it would be odd really somethings you need to see but i love the rest of your blingy haul
Lovely haul BH,Love the hedgies and so many others! I have the round peridot pendant in 4 or 5 gemstones...lovely arent they? Sparkle so much when the light hits them! Enjoy wearing them x
great haul BH as always. I think you've bought up the whole catalogue now havent you???!!! :11: :54:

as for that last photograph, you're the first purrson I've seen with coloured boils on their hands!!
Lovely collection BH, where on earth do you find time to wear them all!!! Love the marcasite and garnet ring its gorgeous, not seen that one before.
Well done you, another fantastic haul. BH, that collection of yours shows true dedication to the cause! ;)
Thanks guys for all the lovely comments! I am an big jewellery fan and its only in the recent years that I have been able to wear silver and 9ct gold jewellery. I used to come out in rashes so making the most of this and I now have a good selection. I do wear most of my collection and I enjoy choosing what I wear every morning! Its not bad as most of my bling has been organised according to colour - sad I know but thats me!!!!!!:D

Sorry about the hedge picture! battery on camera was going so just put them all on my fingers :1:!!!!!
hahahaha that hedgehog pic is classic and so funny, you MUST email it to Rocks BH, they'll love it.

Like everything else, especially the lovely shape of the coffee coloured pearl ring, love the shape of it.
I'm not keen on the Mabe pearl ring as its too big but once again looks great on you.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats pics so funny lol

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