Here is my latest bundle.....


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
Havent had time to do pics, but wanted to show you all what I got. I'll add pics this weekend when I am on my hols!

Ok, starting with the returns. In fact they have already been packed back up and sent, so I won't be able to show you pics of them.

Marcasite Silver Ring

wasn't too fussed on it. I mean its a nice ring, but it didn't quite fit on my little finger (which is a size N!) and it would cost more than the ring to get it resized and I wasnt sure if it would resize to an R, so sent it back

Marcasite silver ring

Same thing as the last one really. SHame as they were both bargins at 8 pound.

Garnet Silver Ring

Now I am a huge Garnet fan! However, again this would not fit on my little finger and it only cost £5, so would triple the price just to have it resized! Shame but there you go. Plus would lose the sand blasting look.

Now onto the keepers.......more than the returns! lol

Amethyst money clip

Have already bought 2 of these as Xmas pressies, but when one came up in my fave colour, I couldnt resist!!! A pressie for me, might use it for authenticity cards.
Only £6

Garnet silver ring

I have this design in white topaz, lovely big design, so when this came up in garnet....well I couldnt afford to leave it there!!! £6 but will have to be resized

Gents Garnet Ring

You lot might think I am weird....but this one is for me!! I bought a blue topaz gents ring a couple of weeks ago that I use as a thumb ring, so I have bought this as another thumb ring for myself. I am wearing it as I type. £12, but it doesnt have to be resized.

Mocha Pearl and garnet pendant

I wanted this for a while, but tried to resist. On the weekend I could resist no longer! It is gorgeous. Bigger than I thought it was going to be and sits lovely, I was worried when it was shown on rocks on a leather cord that showed it twisting, but on a chain it is wonderful!!! £8

Now for the best of all!

Purple peacock pearl scarf

Of course I had seen this many times before on rocks, loved the look, but wasnt sure if it was right for me etc. Well it was in the speed hour, so I thought I'd give it a go. £10. Wow, I think it is amazing. I love the look, was surprised at the weight of it too. Its quite heavy, but not too heavy if you know what I mean. There are loads of pearls!!!! Oh said they couldnt be real, cos there were so many pearls lol. I said, they are deff real!!!! This is outstanding!!!!!!

So a mixed bag, but the ones I am keeping, I love!!!!

Pics to arrive soon lol
Great haul Vg. I had the garnet heart ring delivered today and love it. Love all your keepers. I would love to see a piccy of the scarf - have been tempted by that!
Lovely items VG, I have your Garnet ring (same as white topaz) in Smokey quartz and love it. Would like it in Garnet also.
Gorgeous, even the ones you're returning. I was fancying that mocha pearl myself tonight lol

By the way none of the 'sandblasted' rings will resize at all because of the coating. :1:
:1:I didnt even see the scarf in the speed hour lol
well done what a bargain
looks nice in the darker colours i think ive only seen the white ones
i dont buy the silver rings because like you it would cost more to have them resized than the rings cost
Yeah I know milly!!! Tell me about it!!! Must be nice to have size N fingers. Trouble is I can't resist most of the rings. a lot of them are still bargins taking into account the resizing cost though.

I've sent a load of to be sesized today. One was my blue and black diamond cluster ring. Just need it back in time for our anniversary next month. I am sure it will be back my then.
awwwww I'm lucky as I have a couple of fingers that do the N size, but my issue is necklaces as I need a big size there - but at least necklaces can be easier to alter & I often do it myself (still doesn't stop me going on about it tho - I dunno how u cope with needing rings resized)
great collection of bling ... i think i was bidding with you for the pearl scarf mine came today aswell lovely i agree with you ..enjoy:1:
Fab haul Valley, isn't it great knowing that you can get all these things home, and if they don't suit, just send it back. When you take in to account the cost of driving to the shops and the exorbitant cost of parking these days, even the extra postage of sending things back works out far cheaper.

Lovely things VG, enjoy!
I loved the pearl scarf when I had it delivered, sadly it looked awful on me, I was gutted to return it!
I've also been fancying the pearl & garnet pendant, but I've held back as I think I like 'em bigger! Nice to know it's got some presence, maybe it will come to live with me after all...
Enjoy your haul, they're fab.
thanks guys.....I almost forgot I started this post lol

Will get some pics done on the weekend now, its been a long week, but at least my hols start 3pm, tomorrow!!!!
I have taken a few pics.....already sent back the returns so you can't see those!!!!!

But have taken pics of pearl scarf, and 2 garnet rings


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valley girl you'll be pleased to know we have loads more gorgeous pearls and new silver pieces coming very very soon.:35:

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