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Jul 2, 2008
My latest returns have been refunded by cheque. Is this happening with all returns now?

It was much more convenient when they just credited your bank account. The cynic in me wonders if the cheque method so that they get to hang on to your money (and accrue more interest) whilst the cheque is in the post to you, plus the time it takes you to get to the bank and the subsequent 3 days before it is credited to your account. They must also be aware that some cheques will never be paid in for whatever reason so QVC hang on to the money in those instances.
I've had this happen a couple of times - both of which when it was an easy pay item, one was a missing item, the other was a faulty one. The first time it happened I rang up because there was no reference with it - and was told by the CS rep that it was something to do with the length of time between the order being placed and the refund being issued.
They usually refund by cheque if your return is a replacement as only credits are used on the new order.
I've had cheque refunds a couple of times, I think one was when my card no had changed and I think the other time was when I returned something for a replacement and then had to return the replacement too and decided not to bother. lol.
i had a cheque once and they said it was becase of the length of time since the order had been placed (it was an item that went missing, then went on waitlist and was eventually cancelled). I think that it would be much harder for their accounting systems if they were doing all refunds by cheques, and think it may even be a legal thing that they should return the money back the way it was paid to them, but i am not sure, just a theory!

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