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Hard question to answer............ a bit like how longs a piece of string!

From knowledge anything from 14 - 28 days and maybe longer in exceptional cases.
If you ring customer services you will be charged beware of thias fact if you go chasing refund. Probably better to e.mail but they are not good at replying.
I too bought that 5 piece shapewear set (we live in hope eh?)...what a disaster, horrendous fitting, couldn't set is going back too!
It's a shame that no one can invent "shapewear" that's not hideously ugly/hideously uncomfortable, there's no denying that it does make clothes fit better, but in the past I've spent many an evening feeling "trussed up like a turkey"..perhaps looking a bit better than I may have done without it, but feeling most uncomfortable......and sweaty (sorry folks!) I remember the adverts for the 18 hour comfortable...ooh, I forgot I've got it on!..surely this idea could be brought back into the 21st century, using pretty fabric.....though would probably be quite expensive, but I guess in the long run would work out cheaper than buying a new dress! I know we all laugh at frumpy undies...Truimph Doreen bras etc, but tbh, I'd rather strip down to one of those and a pair of substantial but pretty knickers that come up to my waist, than looking like a badly stuffed sausage trying to burst out of a morass of american tan granny tights fabric!

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