re; tahitian pearl post, how to search forum?


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Sep 24, 2008
hi, can anybody advise how to search the forum with a keyword? I have looked in faq but I cant find the search facilty anywhere.....

sue x
Suzy - if you look towards the top of the page to your right, just below the little welcome section is a blue bar with options, the search facility is just there. xx
this is a bit primitive but have copied all links i can see across that section u meantion..


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i dont have that at all, this is strange.. id show u screen grab if i could see how to add it. but i dont have that either (ability to upload/add image)
What exactly is it you're trying to locate Suzy?

You may have fewer search options.....which are currently only available to VIP members.....p'haps!
I was looking for sum advice re tahitian pearl, u can see on my other post, general what to look for etc.. i got 1 yesty and changed mind, then got another, (links in my other post)

not bought tp b4 u see.
Hi again Suzy,

Argey did post a link to the relevant thread in your other thread and on page 3 you'll see some advisory comments and posts on TP's.....

By way of opinion, I did rather like the WG ring you showed us, it was a large pearl with a larger than usual amount of diamonds, all set in a very neat style. Probably not much use to you now if it's been dumped! mysmilie_1436.
Some have been very black and some have the silver purple hue as seen on your second choice...a very pretty colour, but haven't seen one set in YG in the flesh.

I have a couple of TP's bought way back when Gems first started selling them and the accent diamonds were of SI quality. They have been fine but have only been worn occasionally. They are not really designed for every day wear imho.
thanks for the above, yes i used argeys link and it helped me alot, then i thought id try find sum other posts but couldnt find the search, regards to the wg tp ring i rung them and the diamonds are I on that ring and thats what swayed me towards picking the yg instead cos i prefer the colour so traded colour for the diamonds being as they were just I quality. thanks u are all v.helpful.
I've looked back through the threads to last June (when the forum crashed and had to be re-started) and the only other thread on TP's is the one about the Teapot TP pendant.....and I don't think other fm's will want to see that again....nah!

The earlier threads - pre June 08 - have now been consigned to the giant Trashcan in the sky I believe!

Meesh is probably the lady who can help you most with excellent advice.

But the most usual advice from one and all is to get the piece home and see how it looks on your hand. :)

:mysmilie_691.gif: You have?????

Oh dear......................mysmilie_711

Actually I nearly did get one when it was selling for a cheapo price on the web......for my little GD
........but then thought better of it! mysmilie_1436
Oy ........... I've got that teapot necklace thank you!

Well that's my faith just gone flyin' out the window! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a> xxx

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