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Jun 24, 2008
re: returns

I received the ring I was waiting for, but have returned it as I was disappointed in the setting, can anyone inform me how long it takes to get refunded back onto visa, also does it show as refunded on 'my account'. Thanks.
Hi rosylee I've sent two items back at different times one took 2 weeks to refund and had to ring up and ask about my refund and the other only took 4 days so think it depends how many returns they have got at the time. No it doesn't show in your account as returned but once it has been refunded customer services can see it my refund then took either 2 or 3 days to show on my credit card once refunded, hope this helps:1:
Thanks PandaBear, will ring in a few days and check, I returned by special delivery so should have received it back next day.
I sent a pendant back last week ia special delivery (6th Jan) they got it on the 7th and actioned the refund on the 9th - once they action it, it can take up to 4 working days (so I was told) was in my bank on Tuesday
not too bad at all! (the small print says can take up to 30 days)

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