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He's admitted during shows (with Reynolds) he wears it 90% of the time, prezzie from his wife, the other 10% of the time is when he's in the pub or on hols showing off his bragging rights watches like Mr Grey, Nubeo space (actually nowhere near space just high up in a weather balloon) watch etc. ;)
When we were talking about how some of the Chinese makers had decided on weird brand names, I mentioned one heavily amended standard Chinese mechanism I had disassembled when practicing,and I said the brand they chose was Grace Bros as in ‘are you being served’.
Well, I was tidying earlier and found it - just thought you might like to see…
An auto version of the old Chinese standard mechanism!

Sorry its not the best photo, but ‘I’m free’!!


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When are they going to sell some quality, known brand 21st century regularly presented goods on this channel? Trying to present the scenario that technology has never been invented, and the new fangled way of writing notes is in a notebook with a cheap pen. Filofaxes next..What would you prefer in your back pocket as a note taker- a large notebook or a mobile phone? How does she motivate herself to sit there with it and try to enthuse over it? What are the overall sales figures like? I would love to know.. Absolutely flying?? Really??
If you go over to their Facebook page and look at the latest post (promoting Gen and Joanne and Mike Mason) the comments on there echo what we say on here: https://www.facebook.com/idealworldtv
Just had a look, you're not wrong. One comment on a different Facebook post is "who is going to pay 90 quid for an Airfryer these days. Of an unknown brand. Ooh Maureen's daft enough" 😂
Oh its Will I am Hunt back again.

But hold on Mason of the Mikes said this wont last gang, its going gang, be quick it wont be back.......lads!!! Ladies get this for your man....Lads want to attract the ladies?? Get this lads.....THIS IS THEE BEST.....ever!!!! Until its the gammon I have to flog then its Will I am who?

Alas yet another boring product that ISNT flying out gang!!!

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