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Love A'kin

Jun 14, 2009
I've only done about 6 reviews and I've probably ;) bought quite a lot more than 6 items since QVC started having reviews.

I do find them useful though. (I read the lowest ratings first!)
I've done a few, probably about half as many as items ordered. I find them very useful and have been swayed to buy or not to buy by them. I really should make an effort and write up the rest.
I try to post reviews for many items but rarely post with craft items. They are useful, but then again, I have bought things like Markon and they fit me nicely, but many reviews are scathing! I find that some products have extreme reviews - 5 stars or 1 stars and little in between. So then you have to take a chance I suppose. Some products have a very low rating across the board, so I suppose that's a good indication that the product is dodgy!

Recently I needed some silicon glue and they have 2 kits. I read the reviews, and went for the highest rated.
I've done about 20...try and review everything I buy but I do wait a while before I review because you can't re-review. I reviewed those non stick eco pans and said I was pleased with them and a week later they started to peel so I sent them back but couldn't change my review to reflect this :(
I only review if I feel really strongly-positive or negative!- about something. I like to read the reviews,but I also look at someones other reviews to decide whether they are similar in taste to me if looking at reviews for jewellary,clothes bags etc.
I find them really helpful. Reviews have changed my mind about purchasing items. The odd bad one amongst many good wouldn't put me off unless it highlights something I would not be happy with. I tend to review if I feel very pleased or unhappy with items.
I try more often than not nowadays to read the reviews of products I'm interested in. I also read the lowest to the highest and I'm often surprised at the variation. I guess it just goes to show how we are all different and how subjective they can be.

I've only recently started to write reviews. I tend to wait until I've used the item but not always it depends what the item is.
I put reviews for everything I purchase. I find other people's reviews useful so hopefully others might find mine the same. I agree with Tangle Foot with the variation of reviews - some products are very 'marmite' LOL.
Oh Pollybelle you put me to shame!

I've just written reviews for my last three received purchases which popped up almost immediately (slow day?!) and I'm going to try to do better. Reviews are such a useful tool for me versus the hype of the presenters that I promise to try harder to do my bit for others as well.

I'm going to click yes for useful review more often too. (I usually forget, and it's a bit of a pain isn't it because it takes you away from the item and you have to find the page you were on all over again!)

I usually start with the lowest ratings but I also have a soft spot for the longest reviews too. They usually contain more info than the really short ones which can be mostly "oh it's so wonderful thank you so much for bringing it to us QVC" or else "Thank god for the 30 day money back guarantee cos it was rubbish!" ;)
:hi:I write reviews on most things and try to put some useful info in it too. I always read them before a purchase now and I'm so thankful that some people write them because it's saved me from wasting my money at times.
As others have said a good purchase or a bad purchase would prompt me to review but an ok one probably wouldn't. I suppose I should make the effort and do more reviews as I do find them useful in deciding whther to buy or not. It's great when someone says something in a review that's a total red flag for me so I don't buy, just doesn't seem to happen all that often!
Ooh yes I know what you mean!

If someone writes that a blusher has a lovely shimmer or sparkle across their cheeks. I think "Okey dokey. I don't want that then!" :D

On the subject of writing my own reviews - sometimes I just don't have anything much to say, or sometimes I'm waiting to use something for a while before I review it.

I'm up to 23 reviews now but I've just noticed that some people have hundreds! :eek:

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